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Jessica Patrac

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology University of Toulouse Jean Jaurés

  • Morphopsychologist graduate: French Society of Morphopsychology with Janine Maréchalle


  • Quantum Bioenergetician graduate: French School of Quantum Bioenergy  with Yannick Vérité

  • Intuition training with Martine Brillant 

  • Access bars training with Marine Cayol

  • Health training through touch at the school of EKMA kinesiology 

  • Certified Prenatal Singing Facilitator at the International School of Prenatal Singing 

Born in an artistic environment, I had the chance from an early age to intend myself not for a job but for a passion.
Professional singer, I have always been on stage, in parallel I obtained a degree in psychology. 
Through my life as a singer I myself have been confronted with stress, loss of self-confidence, doubts and questioning, so I discovered multiple therapies (hypnosis, kinesiology, EMDR... .) which allowed me to feel better to progress and evolve.

I then decided to train myself in these alternative therapies. I started with morphopsychology, the study of behavior and character by the shape of the face (allows a better understanding of each person without judgment), then I discovered bioenergy with Yannick truth, this training allowed me to learn to release the blockages registered in the bio-fields of the person. At the same time, I trained with Martine Brillant, group therapy and teaching of soul readings. 

I realized during my journey that the voice does not lie. It reflects what we are deep inside and if we listen to it we have access to valuable information. Information related to the place we take, our way of expressing ourselves and being. 

This is why I have combined my experience as a singer and a therapist to accompany each person to free their voice and live a harmonious life. 

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