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Yeore Kim


Harmonica Asia Festival 3rd prize

Seoul International Harmonica Festival 3rd prize

“Antoine Boyer & Yeore Kim, at the tangram game” Open Jazz, Alex Duthil – France Musique

Graduated from Seoul Art University

Graduated in Somatics

Graduated in Free Improvisation at the Regional Conservatory of 93

Yeore Kim, multi-instrumentalist harmonicist, has been evolving since her youngest age on the Korean jazz scene. Yeore Kim learned very early on the trumpet, drums, cello or even the piano... A graduate of Seoul Music University, she excelled as a harmonica player and won the competitions of the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, the Seoul International Harmonica Festival and the World Harmonica Festival. She multiplies experiences in different styles (jazz, reggae, theatrical collaborations tango, pop, rock…) and contributes to various music groups touring in Korea, India and Japan.


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